Do’s and Don’ts of Review Management

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There are a few things we see on a regular basis that can either make your strategy more or less effective. We want to let you know about those up front.


Don’t: Send a bulk review request to all your customers on the first day. This method is ineffective and also inconsistent two things your review strategy can’t afford.


Do: Send requests to your customers after having some type of interaction with them. This will help your review acquisition stay consistent which is very important. Also, sending right after an interaction makes it more likely your customer will respond. You can still send bulk requests just use a list of customers that your recently interacted with.


Don’t: Get frustrated with Yelp after having some reviews get filtered and take it off the list of options.


Do: Treat Yelp like a stock, make your investment and don’t worry about the daily ups and downs. Yelp is a valuable traffic generator. Many businesses have gotten frustrated and completely given up, this is a mistake. You can make a difference on Yelp just don’t expect it to happen overnight.


Don’t: Force your customers to only one review site. This will turn too many of them away and make it more likely that your reviews will get filtered.


Do: Give you customers at least two options, but all three is better. Letting them go where ever they feel most comfortable is the smart way to get as many reviews as possible.


Don’t: Incentivize your customers for writing a review. This is one big rule that all the review sites have. The last thing you want is for your profile to get blocked because you were caught doing this.


Do: Incentivize your employee’s for getting reviews. I have seen a company give small rewards to employees who get reviews that mention the employee’s name. This can be a very effective way to motivate every one to send as many requests as they can.


These are a few things we have seed that can help you create the most effective strategy. If you have questions about any of them you can reply to this email and we would be happy to help you.


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