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reviews for locksmiths

Get proactive with the reputation of your company. We can help improve your rating and your ranking for FREE with our review management tool.

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Sign up for our FREE online tool to get started getting more reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook.  No demos, no sales calls, no billing info required. We made it simple for you and simple for your customers.

Get more reviews

Make getting reviews part of your business culture. Let your customers know reviews are an important part of your business and send them a text message or email with our tool which provides a easy link.

Take advantage

Positive reviews should be an integral part of every marketing plan. Take advantage of more reviews by posting them where you can to let potential customers know what previous ones thought.

Steps toward having a better reputation and more business:


Get started by signing up and creating your profile. 

  • Make sure your social links are correct
  • Add your logo and color scheme
  • Send yourself a text and email to test


Have your technicians download our mobile app.

  • Our app is on iOS and Android
  • Link
  • Link


On each call let the customer know they will be getting a text requesting a review. Then send one.

  • Letting them know isn’t crusial but it will help.
  • Once your tech leaves the call they just have to open the app and type in the customers name and number. Send.

How to monetize reviews:

1. You can’t monetize reviews you don’t have. Make sure your business is proactive in getting as many reviews as possible each month.

2. Be consistent. You reviews aren’t going to have the same impact if you have 20 one month and 1 the next. This needs to be part of your process not something you do once and a while when you have time.

3. Make sure the social profiles that hold your reviews are complete and up to date. Make sure that when a potential costumer is reading your reviews they have every means possible to communicate with you.

4. Make sure your reviews are posted in places they can be seen. You can post them on your website and on social media.

5. Be who your customers say you are (the positive ones). There is no more sure way to get negative reviews than to be the opposite of what a customer read about you.

Download the Zurvia App to Send Requests by Mobile

Have employees out in the field not tied to a computer. Our app allows your employees to send review requests from their mobile phone or tablet.

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